Friday, 17 June 2016

The Bobble Stitch Blanket

Hello everyone

I seem to have been absent from my blog of late and I apologise for that. I've spent too much time with a hook in my hand and not enough time in front of the laptop. It's not that I haven't been online, if you follow my Facebook page or my Instagram account you will know that I try and update them most days, it's just that they are easy to access from my phone or Ipad in those snatched minutes waiting for kicking out time at preschool or while the kids are splashing about in the bath. Blog writing involves waiting for some alone time, plugging in the laptop and thinking about what to write!
But anyway, I came on here this morning to tell you about the Bobble Stitch Blanket. This was a commissioned piece by a lovely lady I know through our shared love of Ragdoll cats. She contacted me after seeing a similar blanket on eBay and asked if I could create one for her. At this point I had never used the required stitch to create a 'bobble' so I looked up a pattern and got to work. Within an hour I had produced a heart shape from bobbles in a sample square and was confident I could produce a blanket from them.
We agreed on colours and design and I set to work. The blanket was to be made up of nine patchwork style squares. Five of them were to have hearts, the other four crosses. She had asked for muted blues, greys, plum and lavender, so I came up with Grey, Silver, Denim, Lavender, Wisteria and Grape.

I love how pretty and neat these squares look, and they didn't take long to produce

Before long I had them all done and was ready to join. I used grey for the joining as I felt it gave the squares a nice border. We agreed on the positions of each square and I used a simple double crochet join to attach them together.

Then it was time for a border. I chose to complete a round of each colour in double crochet, finished by a round of shells and picot's in grape.

It was then washed and dried and given a quick block with my steam iron to leave it looking flat and neat.

Ta Da! All done! This was a pleasure to make and I thoroughly enjoyed trying something new. I love the softness of the colours and the lovely texture that the bobbles creates. It was then shipped off to it's new home and I received some lovely feedback.

This handsome chap is Remi who is very pleased to have a soft warm blanket to lay on, it's just unfortunate as it wasn't supposed to be for him! I have heard of some crocheters being very offended to find their hard work and dedication to the task has been 'claimed' by a cat or dog, but I was thrilled to see I had made another Ragdoll happy, as my own fluffy spoilt fur-children all have my blankets to lay on too.

So for now I must dash as the smallest one will wake from her nap any minute, but I will be back soon as I have some more completed projects to write about.

Take care and thanks for stopping by


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