Saturday, 12 March 2016

Baby blue corner to corner

For a while I've been wanting to try a corner to corner blanket. It's naming comes from the fact that you start your stitches in one corner and increase its size to the desired width. Then you decrease each row until you end up at the opposite corner. It produces a lovely diagonal striped affect which can be created by changing colours or by using variegated yarn.

Some good friends of ours are due a baby boy at the end of March, so this was the perfect opportunity to create them a gift for his impending arrival. I have to admit that I chose my colours based on what I had in my stash. Stylecraft comes in many shades of blue and I chose these 7 as I felt they complimented each other: Aster, Cloud Blue, Denim, Sherbet, Storm blue, Petrol and Turquoise.


The pattern works up reasonably quickly and before long I was considering the border. I cannot claim any credit for the design as it was the creation of a lady called Heather over at The Patchwork heart blog. She calls it geometric edging to compliment the mathematical nature of this blankets design. Here's a link to her instructions: The Patchwork Heart Corner to Corner.

Once the blanket was complete I felt it needed a little something extra to make it a suitable gift, so I whipped up a little newborn sized hat to match. I love how quick and easy these are to make and was able to finish it while my own little one had a nap. I used the same colours as the border of the blanket- Storm Blue, Turquoise and Sherbet.


The finishing touch was one of my new labels! I had these made by a company called Label-on. They're not much fun to sew in but I think they complete the project. I had the washing instructions printed on the rear to make it much easier for the new owner to care for it.

I do hope the little bundle enjoys snuggling under this as much as I enjoyed making it. It's a pleasure to create things for babies, hopefully he won't keep his parents waiting too much longer before he's welcomed into the world.


Thanks for reading, my next project isn't far from finishing so I'll be back again soon

Berni xx

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